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The following subject in the I-st year of study are realised in Department of Biology and Pharmaceutical Botany:
  • Biology and genetics with elements of parasitology (during the I semester),
  • Pharmaceutical botany (during the II semester)

The didactic program of Biology and genetics with elements of parasitology comprises lectures (25 hours), exercises (45 hours) and seminars (5 hours). An exam constitutes the end of this subject.

The chief parts of the lectures are as follows:

  • Biology of the cell
  • Differences and similarities in the structure of animal and plant cell.
  • The structures and function of all the cellular organelles.
  • General genetics
  • General principles of transmitting genetic information
  • Sources of genetic variability
  • Molecular genetics
  • Organisation of eucariotic genome
  • Diagnostic techniques (PCR, RAPD_PCR)
  • Human cytogenetics
  • Pharmaco- and ecogenetics
  • Selected problems dealing with parasitology

Program of exercises:

  • Cytology
  • Histology (selected tissues of animal and plant)
  • Parasitology (morphology and anatomy of selected parasitic organism)
  • Exercises in the electron microscopy (performed in the Department of Electromicroscopy Medical University of Gdansk)

There are also theses looked after which deal with the Department subject matter.
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