piątek, 21 styczeń 2022
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Gene Variants Comparator (GVC) is capable of rapid real-time analysis of multiple snpEff output files at once. The GVC is platform independent software featuring intuitive GUI which makes the program easy to use even by inexperienced end-users. Search form that is included in the GUI allows advanced filtering of analyzed data. The search criteria include: gene name, chromosome, start and stop position with optional, user defined flanking regions, reference and altered allele, alteration/mutation type, zygosity state, quality, coverage, biotype, transcript id, exon id, exon rank, effect, effect impact and file filter. The search options can be used in any logical combination. The GVC provides real-time preview of resulting data, and usage statistics (e.g. data rows found, analysis time, memory usage). The resulting data can be exported as tab delimited text file.
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